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At Esseoh we have a simple approach to online marketing that enables our clients to be confident in the changes that need to be made and the results that will be achieved. We strongly believe in educating our clients so they know how the changes they are making effect where they are ranking. Lastly, at Esseoh we make sure we don't forget the simple things such as usability and maintaining what is at the core of our client's brand.



Google Grants

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Esseoh has a team that specialises in “charity PPC” & “charity SEO”. So often charities don’t have the resources available for online marketing initiatives and this is where we can help...

You want to take your local business to the next step on the internet but not sure where to start? One good way to start is calling us for a free consultation on how we may help with your goals…

The google grants scheme is a program that offers free advertising on the google adwords platform to qualifying charities. The grant provides a great opportunity for charities to achieve their online goals…

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